At AA Pure Tech, we use top of the line, professional equipment from Kärcher and are trained in cleaning a wide variety of different surfaces. Whether it is dirt, debris, mold or animal waste, there is very little that high pressure cleaning cannot remove. The water pressure is scalable to allow for different levels of abrasiveness, with water pressure capabilities reaching up to 240 BARs.

In addition, where additional hygienic measures are needed we work with cleaning agents containing bactericidal, fungicidal (Candida) and virucidal properties (Hepatitis B, HIV verified) for a clean and safe result.

Services for private homes

With the power of high pressure cleaning, we can transform your home back to its original glory! Whether it is your driveway, your patio or your backyard surface we can get rid of unsightly and unwelcoming mold and dirt build-up with our environment friendly process, using high-pressured cold water leaving your outdoors sparkling for your enjoyment. We also specialize in entire external house washdowns to rid your home of dirt, grime and moss deposit both on the walls and on the roof.

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Services for professional buildings

When cleaning professional buildings it is our number one priority to keep your premises hygienically clean by eliminating germs, grime, mold and other unwanted substances. The chemical disinfection of surfaces can reduce transmission and infection. We use special disinfecting cleaning agents that have virucidal activity against enveloped viruses such as the coronavirus.

We can turn shopping centers, parking lots and professional buildings such as offices and school buildings sparkling clean and safe.

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Services for industrial buildings and vehicles

We use cleaning and care products from Kärcher to ensure brilliant results in industry, the craft sector and the food sector. Thanks to the combination of professional equipment and environmental friendly cleaning agents we are capable of removing even the most stubborn oil, grease and mineral contaminants from both the buildings, industrial parks and vehicles. Furthermore, we specialize in the restaurant business, cleaning the most resistant lime, rust, beer and milk stone.

Nevertheless, we also specialize in cars and premises for car dealerships. Special ingredients in the cleaning agents used protect the water-containing parts against corrosion while allowing the washing of vehicles in a paint-friendly manner all while removing strong oil and grease contamination, insect residues and road dirt. The products used are particularly environmentally friendly.

Our team is fully trained and experienced to give you the peace of mind that your home or business is in trusted and professional hands.

Contact us today and request a free quote and 2 m² free test cleaning!

AA Pure Tech Team